Official Kudo Guide – Video guide relative to tournaments etiquette

(1) Etiquette pertaining to the start of the match

Etiquette to be observed from the moment the athlete steps on the mat to the moment the referee signals the start of the fight.

(2) Case when NHG is not worn when stepping on the mat

Pointers for finals in all categories, when the athlete enters the mat, headgear must be carried under the arm.

(3) End of the match

Etiquette to be observed from the end of the fight to the moment the athlete exits the mat.

(4) Prohibited behaviors

Examples of behavior prohibited while on the mat.

In order to allow for the further development of kudo, it is essential to preserve its budo form and etiquette.
We have thus released a video to ensure the athletes have the necessary knowledge. Please take advantage of it to learn the proper etiquette and behavior.

Last updated: 2 Nov. 2014

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