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We have revised the prices of the goods due to the price revision conducted by the manufactures.(1 Apr. 2015)

NHG Ku (Neo Head Gear KU)

size: XL  19,440yen
size: L  18,360yen
size: M  16,200yen
size: S  12,960yen

This protective gear is specially designed according to the KUDO Official rules. / We reduced the distance between your face and a front surface as minimum as possible. That allows fighters to experience the closest situations to the real combats for both offence and defense. / Reinforced lightweight plastic / Clear and wide visibility / It covers wide area of the parietal and the back of your head and protects entire head perfectly. / Applied A High Density Forma to protect jaw. / An extra lace placed behind your neck to prevent NHG from moving and coming off during the fight./ Comes with special defogger (30ml)

Size of the front surface is all the same regardless of protector size (S, M, L, XL).

size list (PDF 216KB)

Shield for NHG   7,560yen

for NHG Ku.
We recommend you to change the shield in every 18-24 months when using 3 times a week.Please make sure to use the special defogger.Using other types of defogger might damage or weaken the durability of the shield.

Shield Cleaner  864yen

Special shield cleaner exclusive for KHG Ku.
Contains 30ml

Suitable for cleaning the shield – to take of the dirt on the shield, such as sweat, spit and defogger.

“Sponge head” makes it easy for you to use the cleaner on a surface of the shield.

How to use:
1. Wipe any moisture or dust off a surface of the shield.
2. Apply sufficient (enough) amount of the cleaner on the shield. Then wipe off the dirt thoroughly using a soft cloth.
3. When the cleaner (liquid) is dry, rub off the surface thoroughly with a dry cloth.
4. Use the special (exclusive) defogger (sold separately) for defogging when it’s completely dry.
*Other types of shield cleaners may weaken (or damage) the durability of the shield.

Defogger  864yen

Special defogger exclusive for KHG Ku.
Contains 30ml

How to use:
1. Wipe off the dirt on a surface of the Shield using the Shield cleaner (sold separately).
2. When the Shield cleaner is completely dry, apply the defogger thoroughly When the defogger is dry, give a quick rub (quickly wipe / rub) the surface with a dry cloth.
*Other types of defogger may weaken (or damage) the durability of the shield.



KUDO-GI sizechart (PDF 67KB)

KFG (Kudo Fist Guard)   3,240yen

KFGsize: XL / L

This glove is designed to protect your fists. The lightweight material has been applied to avoid competitors giving unnecessary damage to the opponent. Palm area is open to allow fighters to grab well.

KUDO Hand Wraps   1,296yen

Hand Wrapssize: 5×200cm

Kudo Official Hand Wraps.

For official matches, it is strictly prohibited to use any Hand Wraps other than Kudo Official Hand Wraps.

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